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What is a CMS – Top 4 CMS You Need to Know In 2022?

A content management system (CMS) is a web application that offers a user friendly interface to develop and manage a website instead of using code.

The base of every website is code but whenever we think about coding, we normally get visions of tech savvy geeks coming up with codes in order to develop something. Because coding is not easy and a normal person cannot develop a website by coding so content management systems were created. The CMS helps us to develop a very efficient website with no or very basic knowledge of coding.

How CMS work?

It depends on which content management system you choose but the most common thing is the dashboard. You can manage and make changes to your website through the dashboard. For instance if you want to add a new blog post to your CMS (on your website) then all you have to do is to type your blog post in the text editor of your CMS. You will be given options to edit and add more content to your blog post. After making the desired changes, the CMS will manage all the underlying code to make your blog post visible for the people from all around the globe.

4 Best and User Friendly Content Managements Systems

These are some of the most famous and easy to use CMS. You can easily create your website of any type via these content management systems:

1- WordPress

WordPress is currently the most famous content management system in the world. Almost 32% websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Now you must be thinking what might be the reason behind its popularity. Well first of all it is easy to use and free to download. Moreover it is extremely flexible and search engine friendly. It offers thousands of themes and plugins to offer more customized options to the developer.

If you have no or very little knowledge about website development then WordPress is perhaps the best tool for you. By using it, you can develop a basic level website in a day and by learning new tricks you can make changes to your website whenever you can. Furthermore there are numerous online discussion platforms to help you if you face any problem regarding website development.

2- Joomla

Joomla is an ideal CMS for the complex websites like social networking and database websites such as educational and scientific websites. Joomla is currently second most popular CMS in the world after WordPress. It is free to use, user friendly and it supports 60 plus languages. There are numerous templates available to develop a strong foundation. This content management system comes with a lot of built-in features like banner and search management. Moreover you can manage complex website security issues such as user consent and data collection.

3- Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the easiest tools available on the internet. It is so simple that a person with zero web development knowledge can create an efficient website by using Squarespace. It is loaded with social media integration to integrate your social media platforms with your website in no time.

Squarespace is a paid CMS and you can use it on trial basis for free. There are many templates available to make your website efficient, user friendly and attractive. However you can face little difficulty in incorporating templates and modules outside of Squarespace domain. If your focus is to build a good looking, easy to use simple website and you are not a web developer by profession then Squarespace is an ideal pick for you. It is a hosted website builder and you will not have to purchase web hosting if you will use Squarespace.

4- Wix

Wix is very similar to Squarespace. One of the major differences between Wix and Squarespace is that the Wix comes with free plan too. It offers a bigger range of templates to make your website more attractive and apt according to your requirement. The Wix comes with hosting solution and it is powered by a step-by-step web development wizard. These features make the web development process easy and enjoyable. If you want to remove the Wix branding from the domain address then you will have to pay for it. Just like Squarespace this also comes with social media integration feature.

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