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Top Skills to Get Hired Quickly as a Freelancer in 2021

After the first jolt of Covid-19, people started to realize the importance of freelancing because it allows a person to work from home and according to his/her own choice. Now a lot of people are signing-up to different freelancing websites but they are not aware of how to find the kind of work they seek or what is in demand on these freelancing websites. It is must also be known that as a freelancer you can sign-up to any freelancing podium because these websites offer work for almost everyone but here are few skills that are considered as the well paid and most in demand skills to get hired quickly as a freelancer in 2021.

Web Development

Many companies are searching for the people who can edit, upgrade and customize the pages of their websites. It basically requires the skill of ASP because this skill runs with the HTML5. Moreover, a web developer manages database and security features on the website as well.

Average Salary: $90,000/ Yr

Android Development

Smartphones have replaced the idea of having computers for most people and most mobile devices are powered with Android operating system. If you are an android developer then you must know that a lot of companies are searching for you to develop an android app for them.

Average Salary: $85,000/ yr

iOS Development

The smartphone market is currently running on two major operating systems. One is Android and the other is iOS (the iPhone users). iOS developers are in high demand these days.

Average Salary: $85,000 /yr

Java Programming

The Java developers basically develop complex web-based desktop applications. Although Java is old school but many open source projects are still based on Java. So if you are a Java expert then you must know that your work is still in demand.

Average Salary: $71,000/Yr

Angular JS Development

People with this skill set can develop web-based and mobile phone applications. This is basically a framework that allows development for modern dynamic web- apps. It is also expected that the demand of Angular JS developers will increase in the coming months.

Average Salary: $103,000/Yr

WordPress Development

If you have a blog then you already know a lot of about WordPress. It seems like the demand for WordPress developers will never end. The demand for the developers, who can develop WordPress plug-ins, is very high.

Average Salary: $74,000/ Yr

Shopify Development

People love to do online shopping and almost every brand has started an online store. The Shopify developers develop apps and websites based on the Shopify platform.

Average Salary: $78,000/Yr

Data Mining

It can be considered as the hottest job of this century. A Data Mining expert analyzes huge data to spot different trends.

Average Salary: $60,000/Yr

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An SEO expert uses powerful keywords to make content visible. It helps a brand to rank higher in Google search engine results.

Average Salary: $40,000/Yr

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Strong online presence is very important and modern brands are aware of this as well. A person who launches and manages social media campaigns can be called as a SMM expert.

Average Salary: $42,000/Yr

Lead Generation

Lead Generators use different methods to generate more sales for brands. Furthermore, they do a thorough research of a business market before applying their methods to find potential customers.

Average Salary: $24,000/Yr

Video Editing

Video editors edit errors in a video; add background music, text and images to make sure that everything matches the storyline. Video content is in high demand now because a video conveys a stronger message than text therefore more brands want to develop video content to showcase their business message.

Average Salary: $62,000/Yr


People with this skill create catchy illustrations for TV programs, movies, ads and games. The digital marketing field has increased the importance of people who can offer the brands with these services.

Average Salary: $55,000/ Yr


AutoCAD is software that allows its user to create 2D and 3D designs. It is ideal software to create maps.

Average Salary: $48000/Yr

Virtual Assistant

Business managers and owners need virtual assistants to manage their online day to day tasks. It might include email management, schedule management and flight/ hotel bookings.

Average Salary: $40,000/Yr

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