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AI in Designing Tools and the Future of Graphic Designers

The world of graphics is always changing. New tools and techniques are being introduced to enhance the work of graphic designers. As we all know, the World Wide Web has changed the world and every person around the global is now directly or indirectly connected to the digital world therefore the work of graphic designers has increased and it is never ending. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is the future of today’s technology and there are many tools available for graphic designers which are based on artificial intelligence.

This means that the manual work has reduced and now the AI based tools can be used to create personalized designs with more efficiency. With the introduction of AI in the designing tools, the work of designers has not only become easier but it will further change the future of this profession. In this blog we will discuss few AI based designing tools and the future of graphic designers to clarify and address with issues in the minds of aspiring web designers and artists.

Furthermore, if you have started to learn about graphic designing and you want to know its future or if you are looking for AI based tools then this is probably the most apt blog for you. Underneath is the list of AI tools that can assist you as a designer:


It is an extremely efficient AI based tool and it is very helpful for UI designers. This tool can turn a hand drawn sketch into a powerful digital design and front end code as well.

You can easily take a picture of your hand drawn sketch with your smartphone and the UIzard will handle the rest by converting your hand drawn design into a digital master piece. Once the design is converted into digital format, you can easily tailor it according to your needs and later you can easily obtain the front-end code as well.


Khroma is the tool that utilizes the AI to understand which color you prefer for you design. It offers 50 colors with unlimited palettes for the user to discover and design his/her desired art.

Let’s Enhance

This tool is also available free and it is a powerful tool that can help you to improve image quality. It can help its user with features to:

  • Enhance Image Detailing
  • Removing Imagine Compression
  • Maintaining the details
  • Up scaling of image with matchless accuracy

It is notified that the free version of this tool is limited to five images per month.


Fronty is another life saver because it allows the front end designers to convert their designed image or any image into HTML/CSS code.

By using this tool when can create gorgeous website pages by simply uploading image of the design. Once you will upload the design (Image) the Fronty will quickly generate the front-end code.

Moreover, it also allows the user to modify content and overall design of the website online.

You do not need to have a thorough computing knowledge to use this tool. This website is easy to use and it will help you to remove image background.


This tool uses machine learning to assist its users in drawing and it helps it users to draw the image with just few strokes. It allows rapid and easy drawing for everyone. If you are an aspiring artist or you are fond of drawing different stuff then this is perhaps the right tool for you.


It is a powerful website that allows its users to create artistic images through an algorithm which redraws one image by using different elements of another image. This website also uses the machine learning and AI to make things easier for you and it can accurately turn a simple image into a master piece.

Future of Graphic Designers

The online world is changing with a rapid pace and it is not hard to predict that the future of graphic designers will also change with the passage of time because new technology will emerge. Furthermore, with new technology, the demand and trends in the world will also change so the graphic designers will have to adapt to newer changes in the future.

Graphic design is on a collision course with experience design

Adam Kleinberg

Adam has also explained how print is going to change the medium of expression and the world of graphic design will be changed as it will become more significant than before.

In the coming days the work of a graphic designer will be more like 3 dimensional and the designer will have to think how their work is perceived because this will help them to address a message through their designs in a more critical way.

Trends and Predictions

These are few obvious trends and predictions the world will see from graphic designers and in their designs:

  • Old fashion and sleek design will take the place of flat designs
  • Vintage designs will make their way because people love vintage logos
  • Images will replace text based content
  • People will focus on more responsive web content
  • Multi layer designs will become more popular
  • Minimalistic poster designs will take place of picture poster designs
  • Infographics will become essential
  • Typography will die

Graphic design comprises of a large array of services and products. The scope for graphic designers is huge. With the introduction of AI in the graphic designing tools, the designs have become more precise and sleek. People have started to replace images with text so the work of graphic designers is becoming more critical and demanding.

It is profession that requires a lot of passion and hardwork because there is a lot of competition in this profession. In the age of AI (artificial intelligence), the creative skill will help a designer to survive in the industry more than his mechanical or analytical skills.

In short every maintain stream has a tremendous potential to grow. If you are aiming to become a good graphic designer then all you need to know is that it requires a lot of passion to succeed and you can do wonders in this field if you are willing to give your best.

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