Quick Step by Step Guide to How to create and Online Store & What to sell in 2021

The Pandemic has made the world to do business differently. People are coming towards online businesses now. In 2021, building an online store has become very easy.  A person with no or very little computing knowledge can start an online store. Although doing business on the internet has become a lot easier now but there are many things you have to determine before starting your own web…
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What is Amazon AWS? A Basic Introduction

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a platform introduced by the is another great component in the Amazon portfolio. In this second quarter of this year 2021, the newly launched platform has brought almost 15 billion dollars in sales. The AWS has not just become one of the…

How to Protect Your Data from Ransomware in 2021

Ransomware damage across the globe is predicted to exceed 20 billion US dollars this year. This is because of the newer trend of people investing in numerous internet based business and crypto currency. It is also expected that the figure will further increase in the coming…