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Want to Earn Money Online but don’t have Any Skill?

The Pandemic is not just health crises all around the globe but it is also an economic crises. After a few months of initial lockdown in the United States, over millions of Americans lost their jobs and thousand got their hours reduced. If you also affected by the Pandemic and it has gotten hard for you to make your ends meet then probably this blog post is going to help you to understand how you can make money online without having killer online working skills.

Making money online is not as hard as it seems and it is very much possible in many ways but first let me be very honest with you, by following these tips you will not become a millionaire in months but it will certainly offer you an opportunity to warn in the world of internet.

These days, many companies are opting to hire people for small/ temporary jobs. Online hiring has become a norm now. Underneath is a list of such jobs that require no special training or particular skill sets. So pick the most suitable job for yourself:


You can easily earn money if you have your own blog. I know it sounds weird to start a blog without having much knowledge but you can create a free blog. There are numerous web platforms that offer free blog creation services.

In order to monetize your blog, all you have to do is to become affiliate partners with online selling websites. You will be able to earn money when someone will purchase something through your affiliate links.

It is also to be noted, that earning money through a blog is a not a one day process and it requires a lot of patience. It will take you time to rank your website in the Google search results and when online traffic on your website will increase only then you will be able to earn. You can also own a domain and hosting through a web hosting company if you thinking about a long term online business

Data Entry Operator

Data entry jobs are probably the easiest jobs on the internet. Many students earn while working as data entry operators because it does not require a high level skill set. The scope of work as a data entry operator is never-ending because there are many ways you can work as a data entry operator like typing data into a spreadsheet, transcribing multimedia files to MS word or copy/ pasting particular links or data from different internet websites into a spreadsheet.

Sell Unused or Used Stuff on Internet

There are many people who sell online and you might know few of them too. It is not as crazy or difficult as you think; all you need is a good selling strategy and stuff to sell. Just look around in your house, if you see something that you are not intending to use and its condition is good then you can sell it.

There are many people who are looking to buy stuff on discounted prices and you can easily list your items on websites like olx, ebay or Gumtree to sell them.

Online Surveys

Business companies, media and advertisement agencies and researchers often use surveys to understand public behavior or to understand the preferences of their online customers. Surveys are a good way to gather and information in few hours. You can easily get yourself registered with online survey websites and earn money from 1USD to 4USD per survey. Always remember that you can only make few dollars through this.

Virtual Assistant

Do you think, you have good communication skills and you are tech savvy?

If you are then you can easily become a virtual assistant. People related to the business world often need people who can handle their day to day work on the internet and you can easily get hired through online freelancing podiums such as Fiverr or Freelancer. As a virtual assistant you can work offer different jobs like offer customer services, email management, revising and scheduling client’s calendar, data entry or booking hotel and flight tickets.

Writing Reviews

You can write product reviews or service review and earn money. There are some platforms through which you can get selected and start making money. If you are interested in this work then feel free to visit or Moreover there are many people who can pay you for reviewing their products through

Website Testing

New start-ups business firms often look for people who can test the beta version of their websites to understand the user experience before going to the next development phase.

User experience is not just about known the layout of a website but it also helps in retaining the old customers. is a great platform through which you can get yourself hired as a website tester.

Last Words

The Pandemic has given us a lot of stress and it has also made us work in a different way. People have started to earn through World Wide Web and they had never thought about it before. I want you all to focus on few online jobs I have mentioned above and give them your best until you find the one most suitable for you. With good online working experience, you will be able to earn more.

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