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Amazon Store vs. Shopify Store, which one is the Best in 2021

One of the most vital decisions to make before selling your product online is to choose the most suitable ecommerce platform. In today’s world, you will most likely choose either Amazon or Shopify to sell your product. These two are currently the most prominent ecommerce platform in the world.

The Pandemic has also given a huge boost to ecommerce business platforms because people now prefer to do online shopping. Currently the Shopify has over 800,000 registered online stores.  On the other hand almost 2.5 billion visitors visit the Amazon every month. If you are aiming to start an online store and you are confused about which platform would suit your business needs. This blog is probably the one you should go through.

Major difference between Amazon and Shopify

One of the most vivid differences between these two ecommerce giants is the overall theme. Amazon offers a ready-made (ready to go) market place. On the other hand in Shopify you will have to design and build your shop from the scratch.

Amazon makes it easier for you to showcase your product to millions of potential buyers because of its single online market place. Shopify will only offer you the tools to design and build your online store. It will not put your product or business in front of the people.

But this is not the whole story. Although, Amazon offers good features with access to its strong store customer base but it also charges for these features. This means that you will have to pay a percentage on every sale you will make on Amazon. The story of Shopify is different in this regard. This platform does not offer ready-made traffic on your online store. But by using this platform, you will be able to keep a high percentage of sales profit. Let’s discuss some pros and cons of these two platforms:

Pros and Cons of Selling on selling on Amazon

It can be considered as the biggest ecommerce platform with billions of buyers worldwide. Let’s go through its Pros and Cons;


  • A strong brand reputation
  • Strong customer service
  • Free first month trial
  • Your product will get instant access to global audience
  • Easy to handle return and refund service
  • Offers thorough sales data
  • Your inventory will be managed by Amazon (FBA)


  • Amazon will charge from 15% to 40% on every sale you will make
  • Your seller account might get suspended
  • Tough competition to sell your product
  • You have least control on your Amazon store
  • Your competitors can use different tactics to overturn your product market

Pros and Cons of Selling on Shopify

Shopify has hundreds and thousands of registered online stores. It is a platform that offers easy to use tools to build and design your ecommerce shop. You can use it even if you have little or almost no knowledge of computing. Let us discuss Pros of using Shopify;


  • Easy to use
  • A low cost solution to build your own ecommerce store
  • Simple and easy to use design
  • You will have almost full control of your store
  • It is connected to different ecommerce tools and apps
  • Free first 90 days trial
  • Allows free payments
  • Simple way to create a strong brand identity


  • You will have to promote your business and product yourself
  • You will pay for using additional apps
  • With free plan you will not be able to check your sales report
  • For using a third party payment option, you will have to pay transaction charges
  • Marketing cost can be huge


In order to truly understand which one might suit your business needs, you will have to reassess your requirements thoroughly. If you think, you have lesser knowledge about ecommerce platforms and you want a platform to deal with your inventory. Then Amazon is probably a good platform for you.

If you want complete control of your store with high profit margin and you are willing to promote your business all by yourself. Then Shopify will offer you everything you need for your business.

Internet business market is not just about selling products online but it is also a great learning process. To create a successful business and to choose the most suitable platform for your business, thorough assessment is much needed. If you are still confused then please do not shy away from considering these important factors before you start;

  • Time you can give to your online business
  • Control you want on your store
  • How much money you can spend on marketing your product
  • How much time you can give your business to grow

These essential questions will always help you to find the best online selling marketplace for your product.

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