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What is Amazon AWS? A Basic Introduction

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a platform introduced by the is another great component in the Amazon portfolio. In this second quarter of this year 2021, the newly launched platform has brought almost 15 billion dollars in sales. The AWS has not just become one of the biggest cloud computing platforms in the world but it is ready to give a tough time to Microsoft Azure in the coming days.

What is AWS?

Basically the AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a platform by the Amazon that offers flexible and cost effective cloud computing services.

It offers a lot of business solutions such as database storage, mobile development, emailing, remote computing and networking etc. The AWS can further be divided into three major products:

  1. Virtual machine server of Amazon known as the EC2
  2. Affordable cloud storage service named as Glacier  
  3. S3 (the storage system of Amazon)

Functions of the Amazon Web Services

The AWS is for every industry related to every business market operating in any part of the world. It helps the businesses to build affordable and useful applications. For a common person to understand, here are some of the common uses of the Amazon AWS:


The platform offers very affordable hosting services. Business companies can host their portfolios and their websites on the AWS.


One of the major reasons to use AWS is because of its cloud storage. The storage is easily accessible and the platform offer cloud storage according to the requirements and budget by the business companies. This storage can be used to save important files and to run different business relations applications.

Mobile and Web Applications

The API powered code on the AWS allows companies to create efficient business and mobile applications without even using any kind of operating system. This feature makes the AWS one of the most compact platforms in the world. It offers the business companies a solution to launch as well as to boost e-commerce and other local applications with ease and efficiency.

Social Applications

Without the incorporation of social applications in the business world can get a little tricky. The AWS offers the companies with a solution to create and scale mobile based social applications to ensure more sales.


Gaming application requires a lot of storage and computing power. This platform offers top notch online gaming experience to the online gamers around the world.

Companies that are currently using the AWS

The world is now totally connected to the internet. It has now become almost impossible for us to perform our regular tasks without the internet. The AWS is being used by government, e-commerce, tech even the food manufacturing organizations to develop, launch, host and boost their applications. According to the Amazon, more than one million users are using the AWS worldwide. These are some of the most well known companies using the AWS:

  • Hitachi
  • AOL
  • Capital One
  • Netflix
  • Airbnb
  • Coinbase

Benefits of Using the AWS

The major reason behind the amazing success of AWS is that it allows the business companies to reach to their desired marketplaces with very low investment. Underneath are some top benefits of using the Amazon Web Services.

Worldwide Availability

The AWS has data centers in 25 different geographical locations. It can be accessed and used in every part of the globe.


It is one of the most secure, easy to access, compatible and affordable cloud platforms in the world. Moreover it also offers security tools which are much cheaper than its competitors.


The platform allows the businesses to plan and deploy their business roadmap according to their will. They can change their planned services at any time they want.

Cost Effective

No physical machine or location is required to use this platform therefore it saves a lot of operational cost. Furthermore the AWS saves time for its users and it saves their money on different software and hardware.


Amazon has changed the online retail market of the world. The Amazon Web Services caught the computing world by surprise and it is now slowly taking over this market as well. In short this platform is making billions of dollars for its parent company. One of the basic reasons behind its immense success is its affordability, security and flexibility. Perhaps it can be an apt choice for your business too.

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