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What is Metaverse and how it can change our lives?

Metaverse is a word we have been hearing a lot from the past few months. Mark Zuckerberg has already started doing a lot to make the launch of his new project possible. But now let’s just talk about Metaverse and how it is different from the games we use to play in the past or some virtual reality projects.

Facebook renames itself to Meta

Very recently the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he is changing the name of his company to Meta Platforms Inc. There are two billions users of Facebook from all around the globe and renaming the platform at this time could be one of the biggest steps Zuckerberg has taken in his business life. This will be one of the most different things on the internet we have seen till date.

Zuckerberg has described the Metaverse as “virtual environment”. According to some people the new platform will be much like the internet coming to life. It will be a world of virtually connected communities where people can meet, work, play games and share memories with each other in a completely new virtual environment. This can be accessed via virtual reality headsets, glasses, smartphones and other computing devices.

Not only work and gaming but this emerging new technology will also change the way we used to do shopping.  Victoria Petrock, an analyst of emerging technologies expressed her thoughts by saying that it will be the evolution of connectivity where everything will come together in a seamless virtual environment. A doppelganger virtual world where we will be able to live our virtual life in the way we are living our physical life.

A Virtual environment that will unite companies and people

The Metaverse will offer a pervasive experience to its users and it will improve the quality of our daily life. It will facilitate us in terms of our work by sharing work, space and everything about our daily lives regardless of our social and geographical boundaries. It will be accessible through any device we can easily afford. Moreover this will not just only be a project of Facebook because Zuckerberg has already stated that this project will need support and investments from other large companies from all around the globe.

What’s for me in the Metaverse?

Most people now prefer to work from home mostly because of the pandemic.  As an employee, the Metaverse will enable us to work in a virtual environment because we will not need to make video calls in order to do the online meeting.  Furthermore, the platform will allow us to take part in virtual concerts, trips and we will be able to try new cloths virtually whilst shopping online.

Facebook has already launched its online meeting software for business companies known as the Horizon Workrooms. The software requires VR headsets for the users to take part in virtual business meetings and the headset costs more than 300 USD. Therefore it can be assumed that some features of the Metaverse will be out of reach for many due to the costly gadgets it might require.

Zuckerberg also stated that in the Metaverse a user will be teleported from one experience to another experience. So the people who can afford will be able to experience different environments and workplaces whenever they might need or want. The Facebook founder sees Metaverse as the next big thing because it might play a huge role in digital economy in the coming years. According to him, the Facebook users should start seeing the website as Metaverse Company in the coming years rather than just social media company.

What about my personal Data on Metaverse?

Facebook will keep its business model for the Metaverse as well. Ads will continue as an important part of their social media strategy and for that they will be using personal data of the users for targeted advertisement.

According to some experts the platform is going to become a virtual world and in order to make things happen more personal data will be needed. This might lead to more data abuse and more misinformation. The launch of Metaverse will certainly change the entire user experience for the world but data security will still remain a huge concern for the company. In the new virtual world of internet, people should be able to move around and share their thoughts with ease without being monitored or tracked.

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