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LinkedIn Freelance Marketplace, What You Need to Know?

Millions of new users try to touch the freelance market every year in the United States. The ratio is increasing because working as a freelancer has become a new trend. On the other hand most project managers or recruitment managers try to rely on the services of freelancers.

Upwork and Fiverr are two major platforms for freelancers from all around the world where they can offer services to different business companies. The demand of freelance work has increased and it has given space to newer platforms as well and LinkedIn is one of them.

What is LinkedIn Marketplace?

LinkedIn is currently the biggest social networking platforms for professionals. Now the platform has introduced a market place for freelancers where they will be able to connect with business companies just like Fiverr or Upwork.

Although the platform has always made it easier for its users to find work and to stay connected with other professionals but the LinkedIn marketplace will allow the freelance workers with contract opportunities. A spokesperson from the LinkedIn recently expressed his thoughts by saying that in the upcoming days, the platform will be working on new ways through which a user will be able to offer services directly through his/ her LinkedIn profile. Due to this new feature, LinkedIn is now in direct competition with Upwork and Fiverr.

How does the new marketplace work?

Although the idea of LinkedIn marketplace is still new to many but here are few major factors you should know while coming up with a strategy to find good work.

This platform will mainly focus on work like consultation, graphics designing, writing and marketing. The platform will work just like its competitors (Fiverr and Upwork). Furthermore it will support payment via digital wallet (by Microsoft).

Important Instructions for Freelance workers on LinkedIn Marketplace

Millions of Americans are self employed which means a lot of people rely on the freelance market and are always looking for better and newer platforms. If you are aiming to work as a freelancer then the freelancing platforms might look a little tricky to you. There are some important questions you might face like where to look, how to get hired or where you can find the right person to contact or where to start? Here are some useful instructions for you:

Build a Portfolio

Resumes are good because they show useful information about you and your work but portfolio showcases thorough examples of your work. A portfolio can put a better image of your work for an employer as compared to a resume. If you have not developed a portfolio then this is the right time to compile your work and develop a good looking portfolio.

Try to showcase your best work in your portfolio

Sometimes we share every project we have worked on in our portfolio but a better approach is to showcase the best you have done so far. Your portfolio should not have more than 10 projects (your best work).

Provide Details

It is important to give detailed information about the projects you have worked on. The portfolio must contain how, when, why and who about the projects.

Give relevant examples

For example if you are aiming to offer services regarding Social media marketing then only highlight the things related to the social media marketing. Avoid things like what do you like to eat or your travel history.

Keep your portfolio updated

Update and edit your portfolio after completing a freelance project. Try to keep your portfolio up to date to attract more clients.

Set your work hours

Time management is the key when it comes to successful freelancing. Set your work hours and stick to them because it is important to manage your free time and your work time to avoid complications in the future.

Promote your work

After signing on a freelance platform do not expect that you will be showered by projects right away. It is important to market your work and your portfolio.

Start a blog and tell the people about your passion and work. Take part in online discussions and make posts and share knowledge on platforms like LinkedIn. Freelance market is very competitive so you should visit profiles of other successful freelancers and assess what’s different or better in their work.

As a freelancer it is probably the best time to mentally prepare yourself before the launch of LinkedIn freelance market. This article will help you to come up with the right strategy to find a good job as a freelancer.

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